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Decent laptop for man on budget.. help!?

Hello. I am looking for a laptop under $700 (actually, $600 hopefully), and it’s slim pickin’s out there. I would use it to do computer journaling (as opposed to writing), tinker and view digital images, listen to music, etc. I’d like it to have a full gig of ddr2 memory, a hard drive over 80gb, burn dvd’s and cd’s, Vista home basic is sufficient, etc I looked at a Dell Inspiron, had it configured to cost $689… but Dell KILLS you with overpriced extended warranty. I need input soon please. Thank you.

How can I install an OS on a computer that has no OS on it? Help please!?

Its a pentium 2 with 300 MHZ with 192 megabyte ram but 20 gig hard drive. PLEASE HELP

Ubuntu QEMU, USB pendrive?

I am trying to install Ubuntu Linux on my 8gig USB thumb drive.

I am using this tutorial:

I can get to the “live cd demo” part, but when it comes to installing it says that the drive has only 425mb allocated to it.

I need to increase this to at least 3gigs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
It is formatted is FAT32.
and I have 5gigs of free space

Help with dual-booting vista and ubuntu!?

I am currently using a vaio vgn-fz140e which came with vista. I have a 60 gig external hard drive from my previous computer and I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu linux on it. For some reason, the computer automatically tries to boot ubuntu but can’t load it from the external drive. It doesn’t even try to load vista. When running ubuntu from the live cd, I can see that both vista and ubuntu are installed on their respective drives, but they won’t boot at all. I tried to get into the BIOS, but for some reason, I can’t. Can anyone help me?

How do I clone a drive to a partition on a bigger drive?

I had an old 60 gig drive with c and d partitions. got a sweet deal on a new 250 gig drive, copied the d partition over and expanded the c to fill the 60 gig. Did all this with gparted, which is a linux-based live cd with the gparted program on it.

Now I’ve decided I want to run windows of the faster new drive, so I shrunk the existing partition on the new drive, and created a 70 gig partition at the beginning. used gparted to copy the entire c (60 gig) drive to this partition.

1 hour later… ok it copies, so I take out the 60 gig, set the jumper to master on the 250, fire it up and….

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

grr. fine. plug in the old 60 gig again, go into windows. copy hal.dll over manually. No luck, same message.

google around the past few days and my brain is aching.

norton ghost seems like an option but costs money…