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how can I format hard drive with ubuntu installing cd?

I have Ubuntu CD. how can I format hard drive with ubuntu installing cd.

can i re-write and erase my windows os and format my dell notebook with linux using a flash drive?

I don’t have an external cd driver at the moment and only a flash drive. Can I boot an os using the flash drive?

does frequent formatting and changing partitions cause bad sectors in hard disk?

i used to format and change the size of partitions every month to try different flavors of linux and my hard disk developed bad sectors and i had to send it for a replacement,at the moment i am using mandriva live cd to run basic stuff as i don have a hard disk

what’s the best way to format a hard drive?

I’ve read on a linux forum site that shredding and melting a hard drive is the best way to get rid of information on it. or the next best is to find really good software and format it like 200 consecutive times. don’t really wanna do ‘neither of those. I’ve heard linux is best when when it comes to do with anything and everything about computers. like for instance, digging up old files on hard drives or formatting them. don’t remember the name of it, but I remember like a year ago, a friend had shown me this linux live cd. I think it had like a black desk top/background..?? he said it was like the next best thing to what the FBI uses. anyone know the name of that?? thanks, all

How do i backup all Outlook emails and files without access to outlook?

My computer has crashed but i can still access the file system through a Linux Live CD so what files do i need to get in order to restore outlook after a format?