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Linux users… please help….?

Okay first of all i would like to thank youfor clicking on my question…
– Well here is the thing…. i tried to install ubuntu on an external drive… didnt work well… so i shut down my external … and rebooted my system…. then on reboot an error showed up … error 21 and error 22 ( maybe linux errors)… and i could not get on windows…. what i did is that i placed teh live CD back into my system and partition my harddrive to run ubuntu and windows …. well it worked i dual booted with both … but when i tried to reformat Ubuntu’s partition and delete it so that i can use only windows … teh same error 22 appeared …. right now teh only was i can get to windows is by dual booting with linux …. and i dont want that… this laptop is 3 years old .. and ubuntu doesnt really run appropriately on this machine… how can i remove ubuntu and make windows act as my primary OS…. please help… any suggestions would be appretiated.. i tried their IRC help .. but no1 helped me
FOrmatting my windows .. partition is really not an option … thank you for your help

A few questions on having Windows and Linux on the same hard drive.?

I’m using Windows XP, and have decided to try out Ubuntu Linux. I plan to try the Live CD first, and later maybe install it.
I have a few questions:

1. I read somewhere that the ‘Live CD’ will not require any installation . Will this Live CD allow me to use Linux the same way as if it was installed in the computer?
2. I don’t know a lot about computers, can I still use Linux?
3. Any steps/precautions I should take before installing ubuntu (besides backing up necessary files)?
4. Any step by step guides on installing/uninstalling ubuntu (in case I get into trouble) ?

Ok I have a Linux Freespire CD and I need some help…?

I have this cd and i want to run the live version of it and it just won’t work it first of all says that I don’t have the correct software–pick from a list or go on the net to find out what software is needed so i pressed net and it wouldn’t open. Then also the live thing is a zipped file I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I open it with winzip and it brings up a window to extract it but it’s not like the normal windows I tried to extract it on my flashdrive which is 512 and it says insert disk 2 so i stopped it so I don’t know what to do does anyone have any suggestions?

linux question?

ok, i currently only have winxp installed on my pc, but am using pclinuxos live cd, i have 2 questions first of all is there a better distro than this 1, and is there anyway to play media from the internet that is wmv format?

[Linux] Ubuntu cant start – fix of liveCD booting problems ( GRUB )

You cant run LiveCD because it cant run correctly, errors? If yes, this video is your YOU! :) GRUB