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Cant get Ubuntu (7.04) to load so i cant install it.?

I have been trying to install Ubuntu 7.04 on my system for about a week now. it has so far been entirely win xp. i burned a live cd at 8x and used data verification to ensure a good burn. stick it in the cd tray, start the computer and the first Ubuntu menu shows. (the black screen with the count down timer and the first option ‘start or install ubuntu’) i let it start and it says loading kernal…. the two progress bars go accros the top and then it goes to a black screen followed by a tanish screen. it is similar to the Ubuntu desktop top but not as good resolution and no icons or toolbars. at this point sometimes i can move the mouse around and sometimes i cant. from here nothing changes. it just sits there. i have an nvidia 6 series graphics card. an nvidia nforce 3 motherboard 2 seadisk harddrives a usb seadisk hard drive and a wireless mouse and keyboard as well as a wired mouse and keyboard
I have boot from cd/dvd as first device and it starts booting from the disk until it starts to load the desktop and i can hear the cd stop spinning

My old computer won’t boot from a dvd drive?

I just installed a dvd drive from 2005 into my 2002 computer. The old drive was dead and I am trying to install linux. Problem is when I try to boot from the live cd the computer skips straight to xp and I have checked and made sure boot from cd is the first option. I think because it is an older computer the bios can’t boot from the dvd drive. The bios says something about booting from atapi cd drive. Also I don’t think there is a bios update available. Any help is appreciated. (the computer is an emachines t1090)
But there is no bios update here: http://www.emachines.com/support/product_support.html?cat=Desktops&subcat=T%20Series&model=T1090

And I forgot to mention that the dvd drive reads and works perfectly from within xp, it just won’t boot into a live linux cd.