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Linux Ubuntu…. HELP!!!?

see, i got hte live CD thing from hte ubuntu linux website, and when i put it to a CD “burn image tool, it was fine and all…. but this morning when i tried it out, it loaded and everything, but when i click try live cZd it loaded but froze midway, and then the screen went black and my monitor’s light was going on and off, like it was on standby or something… HELP mE


Inspiron 6000 problem?

My wife’s Dell Inspiron 6000 has ceased to start, coming up with a blue screen and a message saying unmountable boot volume. I know the HDD is fine. It’s XP that has screwed itself up.

How do I get the data off it? I have tried various Linux live CDs but none seems to allow me to access the data on the HDD and transfer it to networked storage.

Also, how do I initialise the on disk reformat/reinstall partition? I know there’s one there as it shows up as a 35gb hard drive and it’s actually a 40gb.
It’s an elderly Dell. I found the drive (a hitachi travelstar) is dated 2005. I know my wife has had the laptop for a couple of years and that it’s out of warranty. I’ve fixed several blue-screen errors before but this time it’ll show the XP progress bar but then comes up with a blue screen with the unmountable boot volume error.

How do I get my internet to work with linux (ubuntu)?

So I have the newest version of Ubuntu and I run it from a live cd. My internet is fine when I run Windows but for some reason, it won’t work on Linux. When I try to open administration settings and things like that, it says I’m not authorized to do that. I was told that if I got a router (right now I’m connecting from my PC to the wall) the internet would work just fine. However, I just found that all of my routers are being used and I’m too lazy to buy a new one at the moment. So how can i get the internet to work without getting a router?

linux live cd boot problem?

my linux live cd’s work completelly fine, but when i turn the computor off , turn it back on , then quickly take out the cd so windows, instead of linux , boots , it commes to this black screen that sais something like “windows has required a problem booting , what should it do?”

i press last working configuration and it boots windows…. but as it boots it starts this annoying whirring sound

i restarted the pc, hoping to god that i didnt kill my moms pc, like the day before

($150 down the drain)

and it booted normally

this really scared me because the whole thing was exactly what happend when the pc crached a few days before

i think it crashed a few days ago from the fact that i installed linux (ubuntu fiesty) via wubi on the hard drive… i thought the live cd didnt interact with the hard drive

please help…tell me if i should stop using live cd’s , why , and , if possible, and tell me an alternate way to boot linux wothout in any way interactingwiththe drive