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linux on my USB flash drive?

i am new to Linux, i want any type of Linux , i would prefer a non-GNOME based Linux but that is not high in priority, please keep the directions simple and show me where i can download the distro, and include what format is needed to install Linux on my flash drive, thanks

I really want to make a Linux Distro of my own for a (computer liking) friend.?

I know theres heaps of helper programs out there. What would be the best if I want to make full size os(1cd though) . (does not need to be app can just be some files and instructions)

Type of Linux Distro for my Laptop?

You see I inherited a laptop and i need the following things from a linux Distro (LIVE CD)

Laptop Spec::
Sony PCG-F590K
750 MHZ Pentium III with SpeedStep
256 MB of RAM
6 MB of Dedicated Video Ram
4x DVD Drive
Linksys WPC300N V1 Notebook PCIMA Card
Using a 4GB USB As a save disk

I need a distro that can play/do/support
Starcraft (through WINE)
Browser (Through Card I have mentioned)
Support the type of computer I have in a medium Or High Speed.
Live CD enabled.

Thanks a lot!

Ive tried Puppy Linux and Slax
Puppy is okay but it cannot run Wine or a browzer
Slax lags badly.
Slax lagged on me when i tried to type an essay where mine would just freeze for a few minutes and later just come with a bunch of letters on the word.

what is the best Linux distro for an old crap computer?

I have an old Windows ME machine that I want to put Linux on. It’s got 128mb of RAM and a P3 processor @ about 1 Ghz.
I DO NOT want a live CD Linux, I have plenty of those that work.

I have tried and failed at getting these distros to install: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mint, and TurboLinux.

Is there a good non-live CD distro that has very small system requirements?

How can I reformat a Linux live CD for a mini-DVD?

As I mentioned in a question a while ago, I want to spread around some live disks of a Linux distro. All the big distros’ live CDs require a full sized disk, but I only want to use 8cm ones, so I’ve had an idea.

I want to remaster the hundreds-of-megabytes CD ISO so that I can burn it to an 8cm DVD. Any info is welcome!

Also, if you’d care to opine on the commonality of DVD-ROM drives, feel free.
I didn’t think it’d work just burning a CD ISO to a DVD, it’s a good option if it will.

To answer, I want 8cm disks for two reasons. One is to carry one around in my pocket (how many times have I wished I had one!) and the other is to put them into a threefold leaflet to give to customers.