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How do you fix a FAT32 hard disk partition which Windows XP won’t read, but every other OS will?

I have a 60GB FAT32 harddisk partition on a dual boot (Windows XP/Win98) PC. It has worked fine for 2 years. Now, following an improper shutdown and the resulting WinXP ‘checking disks for errors’ screen on startup, Windows XP can’t even read the volume name and asks if I want to format the drive when I try to open it. Properties dialog shows Filesystem: RAW. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the partition as far as Windows 98 is concerned (verifies fine with scandisk), and Linux Live CDs such as SLAX also open the partition with no trouble. There is nothing wrong with the physical disk or XP drivers, since other partitions on the drive are fine even from XP. Is there any way to ‘fix’ the disc, i.e. persuade XP that it is fine, short of backing up everything and reformatting (not easy since I don’t have any large HDDs to hand so I’d have to use a stack of DVDs).

Linux (Kubuntu) help? I cant get Kubuntu to recognize my wireless driver…?

hello, i am trying to run the linux distribution Kubuntu on my inspiron 1520 laptop. When i run Kubuntu from a live cd, after a short period of time, it recognizes a proprietary wireless driver that needs to be installed before i can connect to the internet (duh). Problem. when i install kubuntu via a hard disk partition, it will not recognize the driver, even if i use the start menu to search for proprietary drivers. this has me stumped. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

ps. the driver is a Broadcom b43 wireless driver.

Hard disk partition mistake! :S?

The last two months or so I have been troubled with the fact that my D: drive was gone :O
I was stupid enouh not to google my harddisk, Fujitsu MHZ2320BH G2, 320 GB. For one and a half year, I thought it was two harddrives, but its just one partitioned :S

Now, when I look at the partitioner from the Linux Mint Live CD, there is 219 GB of free space or so :S

To get back my (D:) Drive, what do I do? (to be able to access it from My Computer)
create a partition that takes all the space?
should I do it with the live cd?
Will my stuff still be there, or will it be gone? (i believe I deleted the partition, so its kind or a rethorical question -___-)

Note: Im using Windows.
I dont think that would be possible, as Im a CCleaner guy, and wiped my free space plenty of times 😛

What im really wondering about, is if I should use partition magic or the linux live cd or something else?
And to what type I should set the partition to? ext something, something else?