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Partmgr.sys error 10 easy points(to whoever answers and helps me correctly)?

Whenever I turn on my computer it says boot disk error insert system disk and I do then I run it and it loads up then I get the bsod(blue screen of death) and it says error can’t contue yada yada needs partmgr.sys file. So where fan I get that file? Whatfolder do I put it in? And why does it sometimes turn on with the windows xp cd inside and sometimes not? It’s really pissing me off. If I just download that file then I’ll put it in a flash drive run a live Linux cd and put it where it needs to be. Also if it has something to do with the system settings then idk. I haven’t changed anything,put more or take out RAM everything is just how it was b4. Also sometimes when the cd goes through it says drive not detected and it’s connected right I even checked.

Please help computer people my computer won’t boot not even into dos or live cd?

I was on slax live cd and I started partitioning the drive but accidentally erased the only partition on the computer (windows had stopped booting and I wanted to install slax onto my hd). Now nothing will boot not even the ultimate boot cd it says: disk error BB, Ax + 4280 drive 82. Can I do anything to boot into dos and finish using fdisk to partition for linux? Not even my live cds will boot anymore.
Yes, it is set to boot from cd and it’s too old to boot from USB drive. Because there is no working partition it won’t boot anything. How do I restore mbr? (dell latitude C600).