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How do you get an ISO Image onto a disc, and then use it to install Linux?

The version is Damn Small Linux, or sometimes referred to as DSL. I have a CD burner, CD-R, and the ISO on my desktop, but even using Express Burn, no sucess. When I find out how to do that, how is it that I start using the Linux OS? Its supposedly a live CD, which makes me wonder, when you save something, where does it go? Or is Linux a web browsing only OS? Whatever it is, it isnt Windows, so i would like to figure out how to use it! :)

How to backup a Sata HDD onto a USB device Using Damn small Linux live CD?

Basically I have a bootable CD I made and am needing to back up a sata HDD. If you would tell me step by step instructions on how to do this would be very much appreciated…

Kind need to do this for tomorrow so any urgent help would be nice :). I f you would recomend another Bootable Iso I have one CD remaining:)
Cheers In advance

how to access usb drives on dsl (Damn Small Linux 4.2.5) live cd?

how do you access usb drives on dsl,and what program do u use to access it
how do you access usb drives on dsl,and what program do u use to access it,i know about /root/ etc. but the filepath command is different on this linux. it like doesnt even have a program to access your files.example on my other linux if i type in


it will show me the drive,but with this system i type that in and it comes up with a error

Did I install DSL (Damn Small Linux) Correctly? =S?

I have always been a mac guy but lately have been messing around with the command line and also learning how to program in Ruby. Today, I decided to install Damn Small Linux on my old computer in the garage. So I popped in the live cd, tested it out, then decided to do a hard drive install. I restarted, typed “install” at the command prompt then a list of options popped up. I went into cfdisk and deleted the windows partition (so there was my entire harddisk space free–no other partitions.) Then I clicked Create and clicked Primary and it asked how much space I wanted to use–I put half the total amount. Then I clicked create again and this time I clicked (I think it was called secondary or something like that??) and made the space the rest of the space I had left…this is the part that confused me. I wasn’t sure if I should have just made one primary linux partition or the two. Then it asked me if I wanted to install a boot loader (I guessed and said yes.) Did I do it right?
Oh, and after creating the two partitions I wrote them both to the disk, then said yes to installing Grub boot loader. Do I need a boot loader if only running DSL and no other OS? I also created two users, 1 root and 2 dsl–and gave them different passwords. Lastly, if I want to save a file to the desktop, it says there is no “Desktop” directory, so where do I save it to? On my mac I save my program files in a folder titled, “programs” then open the terminal and type: cd Desktop/programs
then type: ruby filename.rb
and it runs. How do I do this on DSL or linux in general?


Damn Small Linux and an HP Pavillion 6735?

I started playing around with an old HP Pavilion 6735 and damn small linux. I tried to boot it up from the live CD as normal, it said “undefined mode number” so I just pressed space to skip, it started up but the graphics were all distorted and grainy.

Then I rebooted and used the boot cheat code: dsl 2
When it got to the terminal, I typed in: Xvesa -listmodes
The 2 best resolutions and color depths I got were: 800x600x16 and 1024x768x8
8 bit color depth is a little low, so I rebooted and used a cheatcode to boot it into 800x600x16. Everything went fine and the colors were perfect

My question is:
Is the reason the colors get distorted on default boot-up (1024x768x24) because my computer’s GPU can’t handle that resolution and color depth?
why doesn’t anyone answer when the question has to do with damn small linux?