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Linux question on KDE vs Gnome?

Effectively i’m getting my new pc soon, (quad core yada yada yada) which is going to be running Vista 64 (which will be new for me)

I intend to use my old pc (AMD64 4000+ ) into a linux machine for use as a gaming server at lans, and as a workstation for coding etc.

I’ve decided after looking at numerous suggestoins from people i know, that i’m going with the openSUSE distro.

HOWEVER i want to get a feel for it before i install somewhat, so i wanted to try the live CD out on my laptop. Thanks to a virus i have, which has stoped me installing and un-installing anything on my windows platform i’m reformatting soon anyway, so i’ll be dual-booting linux and windows on the laptop.


I just wanted to ask for the live CD as a total windows person, should i download the KDE or Gnome version

On a similar note, does anyone know any useful software to download for the linux system. (compilers anti-virus / spy software, stuff like that)

Thanks in advance.

linux live cd help?

i have new laptop withvista premium, 1gb of ram, 160gb hdd, and dual core processor, i used all the linux live cd and they run fine but there is one linux distribution live cd that runs really slow period to the point where my mouse doesnt move and when it moves it moves for like 5 seconds to where i want and then it stops, idk why can somebody please explain to me why this is going on is it my virtual memory thats really low, because the live cd runs throught the ram heres more information

On an empty Laptop: Why does my Ubuntu Live CD stop at the loading screen?

So I just got a new Pentium M Dual Core laptop (it’s a 32-bit system, but I forgot the clock speed) with 1GB of RAM and 80 GB of harddisk space.

I tried to install Ubuntu 7.10 and 7.04 using the Live CD method (which was succesful when I install it on my Pentium D desktop).

But with both versions, after the boot menu and selecting “Install from Live CD”, the progress bar just stop at the middle in the boot screen.

Strange thing is, when I tried the so-called Linux Rescue Disc that came with the laptop, the Live CD goes fine without a glitch.

But I don’t want to install that crappy Linux, I want my UBUNTU!

Can anybody help me to get the Live CD works?
Is there any other way to install Ubuntu 7.04/7.10 besides using the Live CD mode?


install another linux distro through a different linux?

can you do that? like you can update and upgrade it, but is it possible to upgrade into a different linux distribution? i have ubuntu, i heard fedora core 6 is better. so can i install it through ubuntu instead of using a live cd? thank you, any help is greatly appreciated 😉

How easy/hard would it to install Feisty Fawn on a Mac?

Let’s say I have successfully created a Live CD. How hard/easy would it be to put feisty or another Ubuntu or another Linux onto a Mac? I’m talking about maybe one of the iMac core duo’s or one of the discontinued imacs. Assuming if its possible at all…………