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I put another drive on my computer off another computer?

and now when I turn it on, the screen goes directly to novell system. I tried to download a windows xp cd to override it but it wouldn’t work. I don’t know how to override a password. Does anyone know how to override a passcode so I can use the computer?

windows and mac!?

I am thinking of building a computer with an amd athlon x2 5400, w nvidia geforce 7950’s, 2gb of ram, 570 sli chipset, and 2x 250 gb hard drives. i saw some people install mac and windows on 1 computer. is it possible with my specs and if it is will it work exactly like a mac if i install mac on 1 of the hard drives. also, if its possible can someone tell me how? thanks.

How do I get rid of Windows XP?

I tried installing Ubuntu and it worked. I shut my computer down and started it up again and Windows XP showed up and there’s no trace of Linux! What do I do?

lookin for computer software?

full version of win 98 or newer i have windows xp upgrade but my win 98 disk is scrached so bad it wont work so dose any one have any of the win 98’s full version os disk with the product key thay want to sell real cheap or give it free “lol”
ill pay shipping if so let me know how to get a hold of ya

installing ubuntu?

i have the ubuntu iso file saved to disk the rite way, ive booted to it before but that was when my computer was screwed up and it didnt work but it showed ubuntu boot screen, so how do i set my energy star bios to boot this disk, what are the exact steps?