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how can i install linspire from a live CD to my hard disk???

i have a live Cd of linspire, i wan to install it permanently to my hard disk because loading from CD-Rom is difficult can some one please give the trick to do it??

My Notebook CD rom is toast….can I reformat from a USB drive?

My CD rom reader on my laptop is gone, how can I do a system restore without it? My notebook doesn’t have a floppy drive either…

Can I also install software by copying from CDs putting on USB disk and doing that way?

How can I install Ubuntu Linux from the hard drive?

Given a 6-year-old laptop. Its CD-ROM doesn’t work and it is not willing to boot from pen drive. (It can read pen drives, of course.)
Is there any solution to install Ubuntu by eg. extracting and running the .iso from the laptop’s hard drive. Or are other softwares needed to do this?
Please explain step by step what and how I should do if there’s a solution to this. (I really hope there is.)
Thanks very much, Al. You’ve given the savviest answer so far. But the big problem is that there is a very shattered win2k OS on the laptop and it doesn’t recognize the network, neither can it log onto the net. And it doesn’t have a floppy disk drive either. I am completely shot with this situation. The good news might be that there are 2 partitions on the HDD. I am now thinking about formatting C: and then installing a hard-drive-installable OS from that I had previously put on drive D:.
Any ideas?

Can you install The Linux Operating system to a USB drive?

I was thinking about trying this. Trying to install a Linux Operating system to a 8 GB USB Memory. Will it work? I want to Boot from a CD rom and then install to the USB Memory. I don’t like running a live CD all the time and I think it will be much faster and will also free up my CD rom. It would also be great because if it worked I could also get upgrades wear as a Live CD is limited to certain things.

can i mount a os live cd on a virtual drive and make it work as a bootable os?

i wanna mount linux, but i dont wanna modify my HD, i have xp on it and i would like to keep it that way, i just like programing better with linux, however i need the cd rom while i program… can i mount the linux live cd into a virtual drive and will it work?
i alredy know how to mount stuff to a virtual drive, but i just dont know the bootable part