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Linux Question?

Ok, well my computer (Windows XP) just crashed, and I’ve done everything to try to fix it, and it won’t work this time, so I’ve resorted to using Linux. I have a Belkin Wireless Card and a disk with it that I want to install, but the Slax Linux that I have right now runs completely off of the disk so I can’t take the disk out to install it.

Do you have any suggestions for Linux OSs that would support a Belkin wireless card, and can install on my system so I can use the CD tray?
Please tell me this is possible!

which free os would be best suited for me?

okay, hi guys… im in a bind, i want to install a free os, such as ubuntu kubuntu linux fedora, anything like that with the interface, i need to put it on an external HDD and dual boot it with windows vista, i need this os simply for the internet, word processing, and possibly skype/msn, the more user friendly the os, the better for me, i have a live cd of ubuntu, the latest one, and i cant connect to wireless, i heard of ndiswrapper or something of the like could take my wireless card drivers from windows and intergrate it with ubuntu/linux, but if it had a built in support for a wireless card that would be even better, seeing as im not too good with those kind of things, anyways, any comments appreciated =]

wireless card not working right in linux…?

i am trying the live cd of fedora and my wireless card is working and picking up the wireless signal but it will not connect????

ps the wireless that i am using is not my wireless router.

Sound problem on Ubuntu?

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Ubuntu so I decided to try it live CD. I liked the interface since it was different so I decided to do a duel boot with Windows XP. I installed all the updates for Ubuntu and even got my ATi Radeon 9550 working which I was happy about, but when it came to my sound card there was no driver. I have a Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 which I bought back when XP first came out because XP didn’t support the old AWE32 series until later. Well the card has drivers for Windows 98SE and XP but no Linux :( I hate having to buy sound cards because of OS changes and not because of a defect. I saw that there are drivers for the PCI128 which was a lower series than my card, so why no PCI512? Did my sound card fall through the crack between the PCI128 and Audigy series for Linux?

what os/type is right for my computer?

i have a 900 mhz dell poweredge 500sc with 512 ram 1 8 gb hd and 1 12gb hd i also have a ati radeon 7000 64mb video card and a wireless usb card.. so my question is should i stay with xp ? or go to a linux based os or downgrade the windows… i use the comp for writing messaging web surfing and video converting for transfer to my psp i have xubuntu and i like the feel of the live cd but what would be the best for me and my pc i also like to play some online browser games.. ty best answer 5 – 10 :) and the wireless is wg111t sry for long stuff:( thanks ralph