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i try to install ubuntu and it loads up to 99% then…it goes back?

i try to download ubuntu and it loads like 99% and then it says that the program cant open and i have to cancel wat should i do i went to the forum but it doesnt help much

How Can I Recombine the Partitians on my Hard Drive?

Im running windows XP SP2, tried installing Linux on a separate partition on my HD, didnt like it, and re-installed XP. However I cant get rid of the partition I made for Linux, so now I only have about half of my HD to work with (the other half was for linux and it wont let use it when im running XP). How can I make it so i only have one partition on my HD, and i can use the whole thing instead of just half? Thanks!

How can i download Linux without creating a live cd?

This is for win98, if i cant do that how can i get a free virtual PC for win 98.

I am trying to update the OS on this machine with no success.

This is a project i want to do strictly online to see if it can be done.

Any suggestion?

I just download bt3 on to a live CD, and cant find out how to get my Wifi to work I am new to the Linux world

i typed in sudo lspci,but dont knopw what i have to look for

Loading the Ubuntu Linux live CD?

I put in the ubuntu live CD, and it goes to the loading screen at the very beginning, and it’s taking forever, and I cant tell if it’s making any progress or not. how long should it take?