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laptop displays gibberish- motherboard, cpu, video, virus?

I have a dell inspiroron 1150 laptop that is giving me trouble. I sold it on ebay but the guy said it wouldnt start. he shipped it back. now indeed he was partly right. I had said in the ad that if u dropped it it would suspend and then battery and ac removal and reattaching would start it again. I almost expect that he tampered with it. But here is the problem: when it boots up it goes only into a screen where it stops and wont do anything else. The screen has just a bunch of gibberish on it- numbers and letters and a few words and it fills the whole screen. Has anyone experienced this and can u tell me if it might be the motherboard- has integrated video, the hard drive (tho it wouldnt even boot to a linux cd), the memory, or the cpu? Or could a virus cause this problem?
re the memory- i replaced the memory with new one and was reinstalling windows xp and bumped the laptop and it went into suspend mode. the same problem it had before. it must be a bad cpu or motherboard so i think i will give it up and resell on ebay as a repair or for parts. hate to put money into this thing especially as i dont know if it is just a loose connection, and where,or the cpu or motherboard.

where can I download linux that boots and runs from a cd or dvd?

where can I download linux that boots and runs from a cd or dvd?

Ubuntu live cd help?

My cd boots up then it turns into a orange brown screen and i get 3 options when i choose 1 nothing happens

Ubuntu Linux Install?

I just downloaded Ubuntu Linux and burned it onto a CD and when i put it in my CD drive on another computer with no partitions on it, it just boots up from the CD and when i try to open the Install icon on the desktop it doesn’t do anything. Total newbie when it comes to linux and i have don’t really know how to make a partition.

Please help!
well nothing came up when i put the disk in just the screen that says:
start or install linux
start in graphics safe mode ect.
when i click Start or install, it just boots it from the CD. also the computer that i am trying to install it from is too out of range of the wireless to get internet.