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can i re-write and erase my windows os and format my dell notebook with linux using a flash drive?

I don’t have an external cd driver at the moment and only a flash drive. Can I boot an os using the flash drive?

installing ubuntu?

i have the ubuntu iso file saved to disk the rite way, ive booted to it before but that was when my computer was screwed up and it didnt work but it showed ubuntu boot screen, so how do i set my energy star bios to boot this disk, what are the exact steps?

can anybody tell me the step by step process of installing ubuntu linux version 6.06?

How can i do this without affecting my files in a partition?and also i would like to know how to make it a dual boot, one is windows and one is ubuntu linux?pls help me…thanks in advance….

How do I dual boot Ubuntu and Vista on my laptop?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 laptop that came pre-loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium. I want to dual-boot it with Ubuntu. I can’t spend any money. Can someone give me a link or leave instuctions to do so? I will also use anothe version of Linux as long as it is free and comes with a GUI.

Linux Knoppixs Problem!!!!!?

I put the cd in my computer (the one that has the iso of knoppixs) and when I press enter to boot from cd the computer freezes after “starting cardmgr” is displayed also I am using a HP dv5250 notebook with windows xp media center edition please help.
i boot into the knoppix screen but when i press the enter button like it tells me then after several min i get the error