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How to retrieve files on HDD using Ubuntu Live CD?

My computer wont boot up. Before I try to fix it, I want to backup some important files off my hard drive. They say you can do this by booting up with a Linux live cd and going into the hard drive from there. But when I go into Places->Computer my hard drives arent there. The only drives I see there are my DVD burner and “filesystem”
Im using a ubuntu 7.04 live cd. What am I doing wrong?

How do i backup all Outlook emails and files without access to outlook?

My computer has crashed but i can still access the file system through a Linux Live CD so what files do i need to get in order to restore outlook after a format?

How to backup a Sata HDD onto a USB device Using Damn small Linux live CD?

Basically I have a bootable CD I made and am needing to back up a sata HDD. If you would tell me step by step instructions on how to do this would be very much appreciated…

Kind need to do this for tomorrow so any urgent help would be nice :). I f you would recomend another Bootable Iso I have one CD remaining:)
Cheers In advance

How to backup files on a computer with a corrupted OS?

OK, so someone I know has a copy (literally, a copy) of windows XP and now it says that it’s not validated and wont boot into windows. Now, I’m going to install Linux on it (xubuntu) but I want to back everything up first. How can I do this? I’m messing with puppy linux on a live CD but would like to know if there is a better way.

Thanks in advance,
Well, there is another computer that can be used and I will be using my iPod as an external hard drive to back up the files.
The computer wont do anything so… I need a live cd to do anythign with it

IT How to: Backup broken WindowsXP Computer with Linux LiveCD

IT How to: Backup broken WindowsXP Computer with Linux LiveCD Terminal Commands used: sudo /bin/bash mkdir /media/disk1 mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk1 -o force mount -t filesys device folder -o force You can repeat the mkdir with disk2 and change the device to the correct device and get access to the other drives.