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Ubuntu Linux Install?

I just downloaded Ubuntu Linux and burned it onto a CD and when i put it in my CD drive on another computer with no partitions on it, it just boots up from the CD and when i try to open the Install icon on the desktop it doesn’t do anything. Total newbie when it comes to linux and i have don’t really know how to make a partition.

Please help!
well nothing came up when i put the disk in just the screen that says:
start or install linux
start in graphics safe mode ect.
when i click Start or install, it just boots it from the CD. also the computer that i am trying to install it from is too out of range of the wireless to get internet.

I downloaded Ubuntu OS, did I lose everything?

I was trying to make a Live CD for Ubuntu(Linux), I had never done it before. Then I clicked download because my friend told me thats what you do. So basically, I boot up my computer and it’s Ubuntu, with none of my old applications, pictures or anything. Did I lose it all? Or can I just choose to boot in Windows Vista from the BIOS or something?
I said…..format entire drive……im guessing since I did that it is a no.
And I can run Ubuntu w/o the disc in it

which free os would be best suited for me?

okay, hi guys… im in a bind, i want to install a free os, such as ubuntu kubuntu linux fedora, anything like that with the interface, i need to put it on an external HDD and dual boot it with windows vista, i need this os simply for the internet, word processing, and possibly skype/msn, the more user friendly the os, the better for me, i have a live cd of ubuntu, the latest one, and i cant connect to wireless, i heard of ndiswrapper or something of the like could take my wireless card drivers from windows and intergrate it with ubuntu/linux, but if it had a built in support for a wireless card that would be even better, seeing as im not too good with those kind of things, anyways, any comments appreciated =]

what’s the best file restoration/file undelete software?

I’ve heard linnux is best when when it comes to do with anything and everything about computers. like forinstance, digging up old files on hard drives that have been formatted and written over numerous times. don’t remember the name of it, but I like a year ago, a friend had shown me this linux live cd. I think it had like a black desk top/background..?? he said it was like the next best thing to what the FBI uses. (also good for formatting.) anyone know the name of that?? or does anyone know of any other free software?? thanks, all

How do I run Ubuntu Linux off of a hard drive partition?

I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux into a hard drive partition and I don’t know how to run it. I’ve tried the Live CD thing but you can’t save stuff to anything or have personal data. How do I boot it? Thanks