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Please help me. Help me plaese.?

I get a virus. Due to this i cannot see my USB flash drive files, how i can see the files. The virus is only in USB flash drive. My USB Flash Drive showing in properties that i have 20 mb free space in flash drive, its mean i complete my 1.66 GB flash drive. Because my flash drive is of 1.86. Please help me. I have already AVG anti virus. Simple tell me can i see the files or i should format the hole Flash drive. but due to this i lose my data. I cannot want to lose that. Please help me.

Please Help!!?

My sister in law gave me her laptop to change her anti virus ( I put in Norton 2007). It is an IBM Thinkpad !!!
Now that I have done this Windows XP just wont start back up!!
I removed Avg and Reg Doc from it what have i done and can I fix this ?????
It wont even start up in safe mode or last known good configuration……. argh!!
xp logo comes up and tries to start then options for starting uo in safe mode…. last know good config or start up normally what ever one you choose it comes back to this and windows just wont star up at all…..

How to Cure a Windows Virus with Ubuntu Linux

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Linux boot cd for windows?

I have users in my office who regularly screw up windows xp/vista laptops, despite having anti-virus, service packs etc. installed. I am at my wit’s end – solving their issues again and again. But, I have an idea. What if I use a linux boot cd/live distro to boot up their conked off windows laptops – during an emergency ! I will be really thankful if someone can suggest an excellent linux live distro or boot disk ! Please remember – my users must be able to open their ms-office documents (word, excel,ppt) at least for viewing or running them. Is there any linux distro which resembles windows desktop with capability to read ms-office documents too ? Thanks a ton !!
Thanks a lot. I am overwhelmed with the answers. Most of them serve a purpose, but what I exactly want is : A linux ‘pure’ live CD that is very very close to windows look and feel. It should in no way damage existing windows files on the laptop but open all ms office files in an emergency ! Please suggest a tested, perfect distro to download and use. Thanks again.

Is it possible to use Clear Wireless on a Linux-based OS?

I’m considering switching over to a Linux-based OS after having so many problems with Windows the past few years. What spurred me is that this morning, without having installed any programs or gone into any risky sites (I use Web of Trust and Trend Micro anti-virus) my computer is giving me a long boot up time, a black screen that tells me that there were hardware or software changes and that gives me options on how to boot Windows, and a blue screen after waiting for a long time to boot from any of the given options. It then goes back to the black screen giving me options. My hard drive is just 3 months old. My antivirus said my system was clean and the last time I ran Malware Bytes, nothing popped up. My normal OS rescue disks are not working, and I’d rather try something new.

I’m reading up on some things, however I can’t find much on Clear Wireless and linux-based OS. I get clear from a USB on my desktop, and it isn’t DSL. It is a wireless service. Do you also have any beginner’s guides to recommend, and is it possible to get a brand new hard drive to run linux from a live CD?

It gets the blue screen of death even with safe mode.