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Blue screen of death windows?

My girlfriend got a vaio laptop about 2 years ago. She had vista home premium on it. She had an auto update downloading and the computer shut off. This completely fried it as vista wouldnt boot, it would go to a black screen with a workable mouse. I tried to reinstall it but something keeps happening. I pop in the CD and push the button to boot from it. In that classic blue screen you used to see on ancient computers where it loads all the files, it is supposed to start up an installation process. Instead, it goes straight to the BSOD (blue screen of death) saying windows shut down to prevent damage to your computer blah blah blah. At first i thought maybe i did something wrong like the wrong OS. I had a 32bit OS and thought maybe hers is 64 bit. However this was not the problem as the same result happened. I live booted linux and completely formatted the partition so its completely blank. The same problem occurred with the BSOD. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem and reinstall the computer? I have CD’s with different OS’s on them and obtaining a certain OS isnt a problem. So please if you can help. Respond in as much detail as you can.