windows xp installation disk can’t find hard drive?

okay, here’s the deal, my brother had several partitions on his hard drive:
C: win xp partition,
D: and E: data storage partitions
and an ubuntu linux partition with its swap partition

so, basically what he did was that he, using windows xp, deleted all the other partitions (D:, E:, the linux one and the swap partition), creating one big unpartitioned space, which he then formatted into ntfs.

now the idea was to format the C: drive and install a fresh copy of win xp, however, when he restarted the computer, and inserted the windows xp cd, the installation DID NOT FIND ANY HARD DRIVES ON THE COMPUTER… how is that possible??? the computer couldn’t load the existing win xp on the C: drive as well…

he later then tried formatting that big partition into fat32 filesystem via ubuntu live cd, but that didn’t help as well…

now we found some old 20gb hard drive, that we inserted in the pc, and we’re currently installing xp on that one, hoping that we’ll be able to fix the first hard drive

do you people have ANY IDEAS on how this problem might’ve occurred and do you have any possible ideas or solutions?
please, if you do, post it here, or drop me an email to
i am also available on facebook. just search for ivan lesh from croatia
in addition: the new windows xp on the smaller hard drive (the 20gb one) doesn’t recognize the first, big, hard drive at all… is there a cure to that at all?

@ blackwhite – yeah, it could easily be that, but i don’t have an idea how to fix it… do you? is there some kind of an application that can find the missing disk?

@impauls – not cool dude.. what you think i am? a desperate housewife? maybe i should try plugging it in and out until it works, huh????

@mike – sounds like a good idea, but how can i install kill disk if i can’t even load the existing win xp on that disk, let alone find that hard drive from win xp installed on the other disk?

please, people, write me an email if you have any further ideas, i really have to find a way to fix this…

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