Windows Trouble?

Im having a little trouble with windows. I just logged on today and it was crashing and lagging and nothing would open. I couldn’t even shutdown the computer without pulling the battery.Right now im on a Live CD of Linux because i cant even open my browser without it crashing. I have went into safe mode and ran spyware tests and virus tests but all i had was spyware and deleted that all (which didn’t help. I have tryed Checking C: for errors but i had no errors.

My specs are:
2.4ghz AMD 64-bit Processer
WIndows XP Media Center Edition

2 Responses to Windows Trouble?

  1. Sounds massively infected or corrupted. If you’ve backed up your data, it may be time to reinstall.

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  2. The good news is that you got into safe mode. If you have everything you need backed up don’t waste anymore time. Try re-installing XP and see if this fixes the issue. If it does not then you know you most likely have a hardware problem such as bad RAM. If you can not do this reboot and record any errors that pop up or can be seen in the system and application event viewer.

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