windows to liniux question?

i recently made a live cd of ubunitu Linux i have trird it out live from the cd i kinda like you see any way i have an old dell windows 98 desk top i dont use it tho i have it in my game room just for my little bro to surf the internet i was wondering if there was a way i could install it on that computer also i didn’t try it on the windows 98 computer yet i used it on my windows vista laptop so that’s how i know i like it so can any one tell me how to put it on that windows 98

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  1. hoodoorocket

    Don’t know for sure. Go to the linux home page. There you can get downloads for different vintages of computers. Figure out what you need and if that computer has the requirements. If it is a match Ubuntu is a free download…

    You will not regret leaving windows behind. You may upgrade on your newer computers as well once you see how good it is.

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  2. メランコリー

    1. Install Ubuntu from the Live CD and choose to keep both Windows and Ubuntu. This will enable multi-boot, meaning you’ll be asked whether you want to go to the Windows 98 or Ubuntu every start-up.

    2. Use a virtual PC software, which allows you to emulate a computer inside Windows, so that you can install Ubuntu on that virtual machine. One of those virtual machine programs which is reliable & free is Sun VirtualBox, which can be downloaded from:
    (Please check its requirements before installing, as it may not work with older PCs.)

    3. Use Wubi, which allows you to install Ubuntu on Windows (like installing any other program on Windows).
    The installer can be downloaded from:

    Hope this helps :)

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  3. x_southernbelle

    Run your Ubuntu Live CD on the Win 98 box just as you did the Vista one to see if it’ll work. Remember to set the BIOS of that computer to boot from the CD-ROM in addition to the hard drive and instead of the floppy drive.

    If Ubuntu will run on that old machine (see: ) all you have to do is install it. If it won’t, then you’ll have to check out a lighter distro for that machine such as Xubuntu (since you like Ubuntu so much).

    There are other lighter distros of Linux that you might check into as well. Have a look here for ideas:

    I hope this helps. Good Luck with your Migration to the Penguin! WELCOME!

    Over a decade computer experience including Linux for the last two+ years.

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  4. The Windows 98 computer is probably pretty old. What CPU and how much RAM does it have? You might try a lightweight distro like Xubuntu.

    Over a decade computer experience including Linux for the last two+ years.

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