Which Linux OS should I use?

I have an old computer with Pentium II 400MHz, 254MB RAM (two 128 MB DDR1 133MHz memory sticks). The max hard drive I can use is 20GB. I have been using Win95 for the longest time and only switched to Vista about a year ago. I have some experience with java programing and doing most windows tasks but I’ll admit that I never worked with DOS or command prompts before (except perhaps when formating but that’s not complicated)

I was interested in switching to Linux but I’m overwhelmed with options.

I need an OS capable of running Firefox (or a browser capable of loading java applets), Open Office (I am not interested in word editors only but I need to make presentations as well so just using Abiword is not enough) and if need be some mp3s (not so much but it would be nice).

I’ve tried PuppyLinux which is light but I wanted something more powerful yet not to demanding on resources.

Last point is that I would like to be able to run the OS as a live CD before installing it.

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