Which Linux OS is sutiable for 166Mhz Intel Notebook?

I have Tosiba 300 CDT sattelite Laptop. i want linux for it.
Where can i download them ?

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  1. Get Ubuntu at http://www.ubuntu.net. There are two versions – Desktop and Server. Both are free. Its a big download so I hope you have a high-speed connection

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  2. I recommend if you need Linux with the fancy GUI then get Xubuntu (www.xubuntu.com). It is the same as Ubuntu Linux, but with a simpler GUI, and is suitable for slower older computers. Like mine.

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  3. Helping Since 1969

    I prefer Knoppix…..it runs from a cd or dvd, it can be installed but it allows for use without installing….its a big download but once you have it you can run it ion any machine, and if you want you can install it as well. The version you get (cd or dvd) really depends on what type of drive you have.

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  4. imsurfing2000

    windows 98 / me / 2k should be ok.

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  5. http://www.linux.org is a good place to start. There are several linux distros that should work well on your laptop. Puppy Linux is one that is small and can fit on a floppy disk or USB thumb drive. What you are going to be looking for is something that is stripped down with out all of the features that would hinder your performance. You could more than likely also install them to your laptops small internal harddrive.

    Suse is good but probably too much for your laptop.
    Ubuntu is great for what it has built in and how easy it is to set up.
    Knoppix STD (Security Tools Distribution) is also good if you have a CD drive and you want to learn how to hack or teach yourself as much as you can about computer security.

    What I would do is to go there and look around to see if there is something that you think will meet your needs.

    Read some of the reviews and see what other users think about the distribution that interests you.

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  6. man what is memory…?u have options like puppy linux and damn small linux..
    if memory is too small….
    if u ahve atleast 100-200 mb memory
    if not tiny me from pclinuxos.com
    or search tinyme in google…
    also try searching for pclinuxos live cd works very well for beginners to linux

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  7. Go to http://www.distrowatch.com and read up on the various linux distributions (flavors) that are available. Rather than downloading it see if you can find someone who has a “livecd / livedvd” of one of the distros that you can boot from and try. With a livecd you can run linux from the cd/dvd without having to install it. It will run slowly, but it will give you an idea of what the distribution looks like and how it works.

    There are several small distributions (dsl, puppy and others) that can be quickly downloaded and are specifically designed for older hardware with limited harddisk space. The newer distros (K/E/Ubuntu, Suse, Mandriva, RedHat, etc) often are happier with newer hardware and lots of harddisk room.

    Ubuntu is usually very easy to install, as are several others. Some can be quite difficult – read up on them at the distrowatch website.

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  8. fooles.troupe

    How much RAM do you have?

    If you only have a small amount – you will find it just keeps swapping all the time – which will drive you crazy because it is so slow. The ‘best distro’ keeps changing all the time in people’s opinions as new builds keep appearing.

    Alternatively, some distros are intended for small machines, DSL or puppy.

    I recommend using a ‘live CD’ version of ubuntu or fedora, or one of the others, first – it will run slower than if it was installed, but you can try it out. It will probably run no slower due to the RAM size, but due to need to read the code from the CDROM. It should help you make up your mind.

    School of Hard Knocks

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