Which Linux distro is best for me?

I want a decent, fast, clean, easy GNOME desktop OS. Windows is getting old, and I wanna try something new ;) I really have my eye on Linux Mint..because it comes with all the drivers,ect. I was also looking at arch linux, but I can’t find a live cd version…anyway, which OS is the best for me?

ps: I DONT LIKE UBUNTU.please don’t reccomend it. it comes with none of the drivers or software preinstalled (like flash)


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  1. You might want to take a look at Mandriva Linux.

    I have installed their Power Pack on a number of Notebooks with at worst a hiccup that said a driver was not installed during the install cycle (but the wireless driver which could not be installed according to the bogus error message was actually working on the after-install reboot)

    Mandriva will install KDE or GNOME or a custom desktop, and all of them are capable of 3D (Compiz or Metisse).

    Yes a Live CD is available, a free community edition is available (DVD or download 4.2G), a Power Pack is available with polished commercial apps (including Codeina for proprietary Windows Codecs and Cedega for Windows Games), and an 8G Flash with 4G available to the user bootable on most systems is also available.

    The packaging is rpm based and it has its own updating scheme simpler and yet more thorough than yum, called urpmi with full graphics. A special site can link in various mirrors worldwide (2nd link)


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  2. Beryl 0.2.1/Ubuntu 9.04

    I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 6 Main Edition which is Ubuntu based. Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled.

    You would be best off RUNNING IT LIVE so you can get the feel of things.

    Linux Mint 6 Release notes

    Linux Mint 6 Download

    Once you have got the feel of things you may wish to consider an installation

    The Perfect Desktop – Linux Mint 6 (Felicia)

    You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 6 then you need to create a Bootable CD from the ISO. This can easily be done using Nero Burning ROM or similar software. Linux Mint can also be run straight from the LiveCD you have created without touching your Hard Drive.

    Remember you can RUN IT LIVE !



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