Which is the best Live Cd Linux distrubution for my PentiumMMX 32MB RAM 3GB HD laptop?

I want to experiment Linux with my old laptop (memory upgraded to 128MB). What is the best linux distro for it besides DSL?

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  1. Just download Knoppix, any version will do.

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  2. knoppix 3.9 Make boot CD, Boot to CD search net for installation instructions

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  3. I installed Morphix on a similar spec computer the other day… Now you have a choice :-)

    Haven’t tried Knoppix so you should prolly try that too :-)

    Bear in mind that you may not get the full Linux desktop experience with both of these distros because they are designed to be lightweight but both should be relatively easy to use. If you’re a newbie drop me an email if you have any problems steekyjim@yahoo.com :-)

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  4. I may be wrong but I doubt that Knoppix would even run on it – I’d reccomend Damn Small Linux but since you asked for others check out Slax, Puppy and Feather in that order.

    It will run much better / faster if you go ahead and put it on the HDD though – any version of Slackware (even the new ones) would be OK for that.

    To squeeze the maximum performance you might want to look at one of the “from scratch” type distros…there’s Linux From Scratch but I also used to play with one that was initially floppy based but then you’d keep building on it and eventually install it to HDD as a full system…I forget the name though.


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