Where to get Linux cds in delhi,india ?

well could anyone tell me any shops or site where i can order linux cds (not dvds) both install and live cds in DELHI (near pitampura). I have tried “roseindia.com” but its got old linuxes. i

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  1. just google it.

    There are plenty of websites and distributions on the web from which you can download cds..

    try ubuntu dist.


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  2. Linux Ubuntu geek

    You should be able to download Linux ISO’s straight from the net and create bootable CD’s. Here are some good ones.
    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
    Linux Mint 4.0
    Mandriva One 2008
    OpenSUSE 10.3

    Good luck.



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  3. That’s a problem in India. Shopkeepers don’t keep Linux Cds or give you distros like Red hat which are useless for beginners (home use).

    You can get a free CD by making a request here (I got it in 20 days after making the request):


    and if you have a fast and unlimited internet connection then download it.


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