Where can I download a “Linux Live CD” or anything that will work for the same purpose?

Hi, my computer has a probem where it wont get past the windows loading screen and it keeps restarting itself. Neither safe mode or going through repair mode with the windows cd works so far, so someone told me I should download a free “Linux Live Cd” so that I can boot off of it into my desktop so that I can save all of my family photos, important documents, and music onto a flash drive or a cd or something and then reinstall windows again. But, when I tried looking around I get to these company home pages where I have no clue what exactly it is that I’m downloading and none of which have the context “live cd” in them so I really want to make sure that it’s the right thing. Can anyone please direct me to the download page of what it is that I am looking for? Any help would be much appreciated as this is a very frustrating situation and I am on the verge of losing many important things that are dear to me, thanks alot!

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