What’s a “live CD” of a distro?

I was reading another post about switching from windows xp to linux and came upon using a live CD instead of installing? Is it something run from a cd only? What’s the difference between using a cd and actually installing it?

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  1. If you use a Live CD the entire Linux OS is loaded into RAM and you need to keep the CD in there to be able to open programs and such. It doesn’t touch your hard-drive at all. If you install it you will copy all the stuff from the CD to the Hard Drive and then be able to run Linux as your operating system.

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  2. SoulCollector

    Live CD means your total OS is installed in the CD so no need to install, u can insert the CD and start working.

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  3. narothepharoh2728

    A live cd is usually a Linux based os that you can put in your machine and run just to see if you like it you have the option to install as well but it is a different experience you should give it a try just set your machine to boot from cd drive first and off you go you lose no data or files just get to try it out

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