What is the most user-friendly Linux Live Mini-CD?

I’ve decided I want to help people discover Linux by providing live mini-CDs, so I’m trying to decide which version would be best. I would have liked to use (K)Ubuntu, openSuSE or Mandriva, but live and mini are rather mutually exclusive with those distros.

So, I’m looking for advice on what Live Mini-CD distro would be the most user friendly. I’m aiming at the average Windows user, so it should have a smart DE with, at least, OpenOffice.org and the GIMP or similar, with some multimedia suport out of the box.

I know this might be asking a lot from a mini-CD but I put nothing past Linux developers. So, what provides these features with no need for user expertise?

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  1. I would suggest openSUSE cause its really the best distro there is, openoffice.org and GIMP r there on all of them but sorry none of those r allowed to bundle proprietary codecs but all the free codecs r there though.

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  2. Linux Mint (main edition) has a lot of multimedia codecs( mp3, avi,wav…), flash, java and other software you mentioned, but sorry, its iso is still around ~690 MB.

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  3. I would suggest PuppyLinux.
    It is not exactly Linux gnoobie friendly but it is one darn fine distro. Comes packed to the gills with software. Very small and fast. The only problem may be wireless card support, but then again it may work out of the box.

    Try it for yourself and see. You will be amazed at all the goodies they pack into such a small and light distro!


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  4. Linux Ubuntu geek

    SimplyMEPIS 7.0 is a cracking ‘plug in and play’ LIVE distro. http://www.mepis.org/


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