what is the best distro of linux for a first time user.?

I am a first time linux user and i want to know what the best distro would be for me. also i want to be able to download the iso to a cd and be able to boot straight off the disc i think the correct term is a live cd correct me if im wrong. so what are your thoughts?

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  1. I started out years ago with Slackware – and I still think it’s a great distro to start out on – *IF* you wanna be able to get in and mess around with how the OS works. Of course you can use it as usual too, but Slackware really makes you learn more about how Linux works.

    If you want something quick and easy (I’m getting to that point myself…) I’d suggest Ubuntu. After you install it, it’s there ready to go with your X Window System already configured and running as soon as you boot up.

    Started on Linux in ’92 (Slackware 1.2)

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  2. inconclusive_conjunction

    This generally receives a lot of debate from Linux users.

    People are generally more likely to 1.) use what other people are using, and 2.) be able to learn from other people. Currently, the most popular distribution is Ubuntu. The Ubuntu community often goes out of it’s way to make newcomers feel welcome, and tutorials on how to use it abound on the internet.

    My main problem with Ubuntu has always been that I don’t like the way it looks. I prefer KDE, and Ubuntu uses GNOME. I almost gave up trying Linux because I thought that GNOME was the only choice available. Boy, was I wrong! I tried several distros before I settled on Kubuntu. Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu that uses the KDE interface instead.

    Now, many Linux users will say something like “OpenSUSE is best” or “Ubuntu is awesome.” The whole point of Linux is that it can be customized to different people’s needs. The best distro for you is one that:

    1. Looks closest to how you want it to look.
    2. Has great tutorials on how to use it.
    3. Makes it easy enough for you to install software (nothing wrong with Slackware, just not newbie-friendly).

    There are various other factors as well, so I suggest you try a “distro chooser.” Although limited somewhat in options, it is remarkably accurate, identifying the distro I already use!.


    Started on Linux in ’92 (Slackware 1.2)

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