URGENT – GRUB 1.5 will not boot Windows, just installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04. Help!?

I am completely new to anything that is Linux. I just installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04 from a Live CD to my computer a few minutes ago. Now, I wanted to boot back into Windows, and GRUB 1.5 will not let me. This is what happens: I restart my computer, I choose Windows XP Media Center after GRUB 1.5 lets me pick which OS to boot, and it says “Loading” and nothing ever happens after that. There is never even an error message that pops up. Only Ubuntu will load. How do I fix this problem? I installed Linux on the same drive where Windows was. Is it still there? You don’t know HOW much I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me an easy & understanable way how to fix this. I still have my HP Recovery discs, can I use those? Please PLEASE help. I’ll give more details if it is necessary…
Everything seems to work fine with GRUB 1.5, then I select Windows XP Media Center (which is the Windows OS I have), and *correction to what I wrote earlier, It says “Starting Up” but It never does. Should I just do an HP Recovery, please help I feel like I really screwed things up please be on the line.

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  1. rainofkayos

    hmmm, how did you perform the install in reference to intsalling grub,, and replacing ntldr?, are you saying it is loading the windows media screen and then failing?, or grub is loading and failing? if the first u may have corrupted system files on the windows system partition possibly checkdsk or fixboot will repair,, if the second u should probably boot into ubuntu and fix the grub menu to properly point at the windows active sys partition =) becareful

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  2. LittleWolf

    I don’t know how good the HP recovery disks are at this, but you will need to repair your MBR and Track 0 (Boot Track).

    This is a problem with GRUB and MCE or any version of Windows XP which has active antivirus. GRUB installs itself into the Hard Drive Boot Track, which looks like a corrupt Boot Record to MCE and XP. Virus scanners also detect GRUB as a virus and disable it entirely.

    Make an Image Backup of your Hard Drive with Paragon Backup (not Acronis True Image) or Norton Ghost before proceeding beyond this point! Include the MBR and Track 0 in your backup. Install Norton PartitionMagic 8 into your Windows Partition (normal program install).

    One way to avoid the Boot Track conflict problem is to create a small FAT-32 partition and install Norton BootMagic (comes with PartitionMagic, which can create all the needed partitions). BootMagic and its cousin, VCom System Commander, do not install into the Boot Track, and therefore rarely conflict with Windows XP in any flavor. So where does GRUB install?

    If you have already created a Linux Swap and a Linux ext-3 Partition (use PartitionMagic for this), when installing GRUB, stop and select where GRUB should install. You will need to uncover the non-default options, and know that Linux orders the partitions by numbers, not by letters as Windows does. Your Linux ext-3 partition will probably be the largest Linux formatted partition on your drive, and that is where you tell GRUB to install. Then install Ubuntu into the same partition as GRUB.

    BootMagic can then be told to add the Linux partition to its boot menu, and the next time you boot, both Windows XP and Ubuntu (Linux) will be available from the BootMagic Splash Screen when the computer begins to boot. This avoids the MBR and Track 0 conflicts which can make Windows and/or Linux unbootable after just one or two boot ups.

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