Ubuntu Loading!?

I want to dual boot Linux Ubuntu to my computer, along side Windows XP. I requested live CDs, however that may take 6-10 weeks. I want to download the current version of Ubuntu, save it to a CD and then boot it along side XP. If you can tell me how to do this, or give me a link with details on how to save Ubuntu to a CD, and then load it ALONG SIDE XP, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Microsoft does not like to share space. The best way to handle this situation in my opinion is to download ubuntu. Make the ISO disk. Now backup up what you need off your system. Once you do that you will need to Format and Partition your HDD. This will allow you to install Windows on your primary drive and use the other partitions for ubuntu. The boot loader will load after the two operating systems have loaded. and you can choose between windows and linux. You must load Windows first and partition enough space for linux to install. There are distributions of linux that run in Windows but Ubuntu is the most user friendly version of Linux I have seen. Good Luck


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  2. pssh, dont listen to him… its easier than that, just stick in the cd and restart, it will boot to ubuntu from the cd and wont make any changes to your computer until you install it

    when you do start to install there is a step that you just choose to resize the windows partition and put ubuntu in the new, empty part

    it does it all automatically for you, but i would reccomend backing up your important things just in case


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