Ubuntu Dual-Boot Windows 7?

Ok so i just got my Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop LTS in the mail. i am using the live cd so it is basically a dual boot. but when i get into ubuntu, it says for my ethernet and wireless that it is disconnected. One time when it booted, it said for the wireless that the device was not ready. i have read around and apparently windows is screwing with my Linux. Is there a way around this crap without uninstalling windows? P.S. I have used ndisgtk.

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  1. No, that’s NOT even CLOSE to a dual boot…to get the wireless working you actually need to install it to the hdd.

    in windows; start>(right click) computer>manage
    go to disk management
    click on windows and “shrink” the partition. You will want ~ 10 gigs for a healthy install (unallocated space) is what is should read for the linux partition.

    Boot into linux and install it to the new partition you made for it (the option on the install will be “use largest continuous free space” any other option means you partitioned it wrong.

    once it installs, grub will come up and allow you to select between ubuntu and windows. Select ubuntu.
    Once in ubuntu, go to system>administrator>hardware drivers and select the one for your wifi (you might need to connect via ethernet cable for this). Once the wifi driver is install restart. After that your wireless will be working properly..

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  2. What’s happening is that Linux does not like your ethernet card. I have a Notebook that’s Linux-unfriendly and share your pain. People will swear that it’s fixable, but what a PITA!

    Despite the claims out there, some wifi cards are really Windows-only. Oh, sure, some geek got his laptop running, but … you want to D*** around all day to fix it, or enjoy your computer?

    If you have an older second computer, use that system as your Linux-box. I did that for awhile. Ultimately, I realized that what I wanted was a working computer!

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  3. Ndiswrapper will get your wireless card running if you have the Windows driver. Go to the Ubuntu forums for Ubuntu help. http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php

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