Should I install xubuntu, or stick with windows xp pro on my system?

I just got an old laptop from a family member a couple days ago (256mb of ram, 600 mhz celeron processor, and 8mb video ram) that has windows xp pro on it. It runs surprisingly well, however I want to try linux (preferably xubuntu, because it will be my first linux computer and I need it to run well on my old computer). Most of the applications I use are ported from linux anyways (open office, gimp, inkscape, firefox), so I don’t have a problem there. The most important thing to me would be a speedy operating system that doesn’t hang often. Do you think it would be a good idea to switch to xubuntu?

Also, it turns out that the copy of xp pro on this system is not genuine, as I ran the tool from microsoft (the people I got the laptop from don’t remember how they got xp since the computer is so old, but it seems to have come with ME and was upgraded. However, the only thing that that seems to mean is that I can’t get updates, but the rest of the operating system works fine. I think that means that if uninstall xp, I won’t be able to get it back.

PS: I tried the live cd, and xubuntu looked good but I can’t really make my decision based on that as it suffers a performance decrease because it is running off a cd. Thanks and sorry for the long question.
My hard drive is only 10gb (only 4gb left with windows installed) so I can’t really try wubi or dual boot.

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  1. peter da great

    You can try xbuntu, if you want to run both os try wubi,
    it will install ubuntu on your computer and keep windows, it’s completely safe and easy. Nothing will be deleted from windows, and you will be able to boot into either os.
    Try downloading wubi from if the above link doesn’t work.

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  2. manicmailman

    I think any version of ubuntu runs better on older machines then windows does, it uses less memory, old computers dont have as much memory as computers these days do, so vy usinf many linux operating systems you use lees memory enabling you to do more things then a windowws verson ……….im high by the way sooooory if yeah ….Oh and ubuntu is very user friendly , if you find it to diifferent you wikll soon get used to it and find it easier and better then wiondows on an older computer neways..

    Just something Ive come across with a little bit of playing around on some computers and have heard alot of peoples Opinions about tit yeh

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  3. Your best bet is to jump to Xubuntu. Windows XP is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. They are now having to give people the option of downgrading from Windows 7 to XP because of the popular resistance. I have used Ubuntu and am thinking of switching over to Xubuntu because it seems so snappy on the live CD, being that it only requires 1.5 gigs and approx. 64 megs RAM. Another option to consider is Puppy Linux, which is only 100 megs Memory/128 megs RAM but has everything Ubuntu does without the bloat, and there is no need to install it on the hard drive. This one is your call. Xubuntu and Ubuntu are the most Windows-compatible and user friendly distros I’ve tried.

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