r u using Linux ? i need ur help ?

i tried the Linux os yesterday from a live cd but i couldn’t do anything expect see the interface and try some games….i couldn’t open my hard drives and i couldn’t connect to the internet…why? and if i installed Linux as a second operating system can i use my windows programs like antivirus programs or Skype or any other program ???

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  1. the hard drives will be present on the desktop.they are not named c/d/e,instead it has different names and you must mount these drives inorder to view them.to do this left/right mouse click and say mount.windows programms
    are not compatible with linux.to make it so there is a software called wine.

    http://www.knoppix.org (click on the correct flag to translate)

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  2. linuxfortravelers

    Which Linux distro was it?

    You can use Skype on Linux. If you are using Ubuntu Linux, just use EasyUbuntu (link is below). You don’t need anti-virus on Linux because there aren’t any real virus threats for Linux. Viruses are mostly a Windows-only problem.

    Try Ubuntu Linux if you want ease of use and lots of functionality. Try Knoppix if you want to access your hard drives (read-only, do not write to a Windows XP hard drive with Linux).

    I recommend making a dual-boot system so that you can use both Windows and Linux. Linux is better for everyday computing. Windows is just for the occasion when you want to play a video game or something that only runs on Windows.

    To make a dual-boot system, defragment your Windows hard drive first. Backup all of your data (very important). Then boot from the Ubuntu Linux CD. It will guide you through the install steps and should automatically resize your Windows partition to make room for Linux.

    See below for more resources:


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