Quadrable boot problems?

I have windows xp and Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and many live distro’s
but i wanted to install PCLinux and Dream Linux instead of running cd’s and pendrives
so i installed PCLinux first then it would boot and xp but Ubuntu wouldn’t (although i added Ubuntu’s vmlinuz location o the grub loader )
installed gag graphical boot manager and added the three OS’s but only windows would boot
so i installed PCLinux again and with the Ubuntu’s partition as the boot.
but now only Ubuntu and windows boot.
Dream Linux does not have a gparted tool so i partitioned from PCLinux then tried to install Dream
but when it reaches 59% it stops forever.
so what should i do to be able to boot the 4 OS’s (windows ,Ubuntu , PCLinux and Dream Linux )
I have
30 GB for windows (ntfs )
30 GB vfat as a storage
another vfat 30 GB
2 GB Linux swap
7.5 GB ext3 Ubuntu
5 GB ext3 PCLinux
5 GB ext3 (with half of Dream linux files )
and like 12 GB unpartitioned space (but not for long lol )
Many thanks
i have been reading and searching for gnu grub for two hours now
and really i didn’t get how to do so in my case
sorry but any explain will be much appreciated

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  1. dude i think your wasting your time with one big cluster mess. first install xp and ubunutu. then try using GNU GRUB its a multiboot boot loader. and download live CD and see if that will help. sounds like a bit much

    I used to own one.

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  2. Gnu-Grub may be the best answer- as the 1st poster stated. However be warned it counts disks starting at 0 and not 1. I’ve always been a lil worried about multi-boot configs. So, my answer was to go to removable drive bays I do see Wubi in my future soon though. Do a Xp and Ubu8 install. Lemme know how this multi boot thing goes… Oh! Pc Los, right? Like it!


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