PC hard drive install problem?

1st, here are my specs:

Motherboard: Asus K8V deluxe 64 socket

Ram: 2(256mb) Corsair XMS

Graphics Card: iNvidia GeForce FX5700 Ultra 254mb

AMD 64athelon 3400+

Power Supply: Antec 350W Smart Power Supply

Hard Drive: Western Digital 500g hard 7600rpm


My PC crashed due to a corrupt hard drive, rendering my hard dive unable to reformat, and making it so I could not reformat caused me to not be able to reinstall windows XP.

So then I bought a new hard drive, it formatted properly, and says it has been properly installed. BUT, when I went to install XP, i get told by my pc that “cannot find any hard dive”.

I then tried installing PC Linux, off a live cd, and when I was in “my hard drives” in Linux…it could recognize the hard drive.

Any ever have this problem? I don’t know the solution….help!

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  1. bambamitsdead

    I guess your PC is running a non-IDE disk drive (eg SATA or SCSI) and you are installing XP SP2.

    XP doesn’t recognise SATA or SCSI disk drives… there are two ways round it.

    First, works on any computer, is to get an image of the driver diskette for the drive interface… and when XP says ‘press F6 to load a driver…’… do just that and give it the driver diskette (or diskette image).

    Second works if your computer allows it… my HP laptop does… which is to set the BIOS so the SATA disk emulates an IDE disk.

    Either way work… providing you can get a driver diskette (or image) – try the mobo maker’s website or the PC company website if it’s a big maker like Dell or HP – or the BIOS allows the setting to emulate IDE.

    I’ve used both ways… once for an HP laptop, once for installing XP under vmware (where it uses a VMware driver image).


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  2. lowrider6204

    if it is a sata hard drive, and a newer one it probably is running at 2.0. check wd for the correct jumper setting to make it run at 1.0. the older board will prob only run at 1.0. if not i would make sure all by plugs are securely attached. maybe the moldex plug (power), or the ribbon is loose. also make sure your on the primary plugs, mb.


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  3. It sounds like your hard drive is installed correctly. If it wasn’t you would not have been able to format it.

    I would bet that somewhere during the process of getting XP to install the correct hard drive driver is not installing. Your XP disc should autoload the correct driver during boot-up. Something is screwy at this point but if hard drive driver is not installing then the hard drive will not be recognized.

    Go into your BIOS and see if the drive is represented there. If it is then it is definitely a driver problem.

    I have had this problem before when building a new system and I have always been able to correct it so keep on it, I am sure you will figure it out.


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