PC hard drive install problem?

1st, here are my specs:

Motherboard: Asus K8V deluxe 64 socket

Ram: 2(256mb) Corsair XMS

Graphics Card: iNvidia GeForce FX5700 Ultra 254mb

AMD 64athelon 3400+

Power Supply: Antec 350W Smart Power Supply

Hard Drive: Western Digital 500g hard 7600rpm


My PC crashed due to a corrupt hard drive, rendering my hard dive unable to reformat, and making it so I could not reformat caused me to not be able to reinstall windows XP.

So then I bought a new hard drive, it formatted properly, and says it has been properly installed. BUT, when I went to install XP, i get told by my pc that “cannot find any hard dive”.

I then tried installing PC Linux, off a live cd, and when I was in “my hard drives” in Linux…it could recognize the hard drive.

Any ever have this problem? I don’t know the solution….help!

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