My mom’s love is conditional, she thinks she belongs in a rich neighborhood but has no job! PLEASE HELP!!!?

My mom flunked high school and married my dad, a top-of-the-line negotiator for MBNA, or present day BOA. She will not admit it, but I KNOW she married him for the money. She is unemployed, has minimal education, and pretends she’s rich. When I was a kid, she told me she wanted me to do good in school so I could support my wife.

Last year my dad died from a reaction to anesthesia (some rare condition). Ever since, I’ve been dealing with my mom trying to hold ends together with no experience except for changing my diapers. She has totally stopped motivating and supporting us and our hobbies.

We live in Plano, TX, which is a very high end neighborhood (I dislike it, too stuffy, but it’s diverse which is nice =D ). My mom has never had a job except 1, a flower shop out of high school.

To make ends meet, she makes other people do the work for her. She slept with her math teacher to pass statistics(While complaining about how he makes 18K a year) during her attempt to make it through to community college nursing school. People try and befriend her, but they fail, because she thinks she’s better then everyone at the college. When things go wrong, I never hear her blame herself. She blames the person closest to her.

My 17 year old sister, who has a job at Cinemark for 8$ a hr, is being oppressed. She is forced to send in my mom’s job applications and help her with community college work. When she got rejected once , she actually yelled at sis (To anyone thinking of hiring someone with a 2.0 GPA working at a flower shop, please.) for “Putting this on her”.

I am a 14 year old freshman, and I’m required to do cleaning and computer work. I am considered the “useless” child since I stay upstairs as much as possible to research things on my advanced freshman courses. I have high goals for myself academically, and my mom could not be any more in the way. Recently, my mom has complained about me not being able to restore the operating system on a laptop with no administrative privledges and a broken CD drive/charger. It would be easier to install linux on a granny smith apple.

Last week my mom applied for a job at a HUGE church near us, in the bookstore. Since that, she has not stopped yelling at us about how we’ve strayed from being christians, despite her having no bible. Today, after going in to get some stuff from the church, she called my sister a whore, right next to the fountain with a statue of jesus.

And now we got home from that, and said this: ” I never grew up with unconditional love, and I will never believe in it.” I have NO SUPPORT FROM ANYONE AT ALL!!! NO ONE SUPPORTS ME!!! I want to get AWAY FROM HER. FOREVER. I NEED A NEW START IN MY LIFE.

How do I get new parents? I was thinking of
*Running away: I have a bunch of stuff on a CPS record for that, so this might be the last straw.

*Starving myself: I’m 100 pounds and my mom keeps yelling about how she has to go to trial because I’m underweight. I’m forced to drink whey protein.

*Rewriting this and sending it to CPS: Mabye they can help?


I’m sorry if this was poorly written, I’m in a rage right now. I can’t think.

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