mandriva linux 2008 boot and live cd?

when i put the live cd on this pc when it loads it only shows white text with black back ground.

on another pc it does shows a facy graphic progress bar

how do i get it

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  1. It is probably due to differences in the video cards and the video card capabilities between the two machine. (Not that the 2nd machine that doesn’t show the graphics is slower or worse, it just might not be supported by the default drivers included in mandriva.)

    Seriously, I would check out a different distro, I have been burned 3 times in the past with mandrake/mandriva when they have decided to radically change the directory structures on the update sites without warning, and the systems became a Pain in the Arse to get updates for, not to mention some really bad bugs on version upgrades, etc.

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  2. Linux Ubuntu geek

    Its almost certainly the graphics card and I wouldn’t mind betting its an ATI card.
    When it comes to Linux Nvidia cards have much better support, however I do have an ATI successfully running on one of my Ubuntu boxes, using the generic drivers.

    But if its working well on your other box, then thats the problem.


    Mac user since 2000.

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