Making a Linux Live CD?

well, I want to make a bootable Live CD of my new linux dist! but I DO NOT KNOW HOW!! I have the source codes..etc

it’s MY linux dist. and I want to make an .iso after it!!!!

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  1. Did you download the ISO file? Get Deepburner and open it, select burn ISO, open the iso and burn it

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  2. Yes I know it is your Linux Distribution. I not only like to change things on mine all the time but I jump back and forth. I’ve been stable with debian testing on this workhorse for longer than I care to admit while my old Pentium MMXs are on Gentoo (yes, 2008.0) and what was once Slackware 10 before I changed it.

    We can get very proprietary.

    Still and all, There are certain commonalities for making a live CD but the relevant scripts vary from distro to distro and it can be hard.

    Here is a discussion of a package for Ubuntu and Linux Mint:

    Here is a package which works with more generic distros, like Slackware:

    This is a page with a variety of Fedora-Centric solutions.

    I haven’t tried any of them, of course. I’m just suggesting.

    In essence what you do is set aside a partition on your HD where you create a model of the system you want to boot to (it has to be a partition because you will presumably use squashfs or some other compressed file system) then run mkisofs (for Joerg Schilling’s cdrtools) or genisoimage (if you are using the debian wodim package) with the -G option pointing to your vmlinuz or a loader for that and the initrd.img.

    Then write your image to disk and test it out.

    But it is more complicated than that and that’s why you should use a script.

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