Linux will not shut down properly (Kubuntu, and Mandriva)?

I recently started to explore the world of linux by trying live Cds of both Kubuntu and Mandriva. All three times i have done this, My computer fails to shut down. I have to hard shut down.

Since hard shutting down a computer supposedly bad for it i am afraid to use linux any more.

It gets to the kill processes and then several fail and it just sits their. Then i have to do a hard shut down.

So A. I am not very tech smart so is their an easy way to fix this?

or B. Should i not worry about hard shutting down. (its a live disk so he hard drive shouldn’t be moving, right?)

Either way, an easy fix would be a god send

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  1. Doing a “hard” shutdown isn’t bad, especially on a live CD – you’re not going to damage the filesystem… you can’t :)

    I’ve never seen a Linux live CD that doesn’t shut down? Sometimes they can be a little slow though, especially on older CD drives.

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  2. Well this might seem like a dumb answer, but if the LiveCDs are having problems, that usually means that there is some sort of error with them. I’m used to Ubuntu, but I’ve known Debian CD’s to have the feature to ‘Check CD for Errors’. It should be in the boot up menu of the CD. If it comes up with an error, try getting another CD or re- downloading the software on a new CD.

    Hope this helps :]

    P.S. Hard shut- downs are just fine in Linux really. Since the filesystem isn’t quite as fragile as Windows’ own. So if your power surges or something, you don’t have to worry about serious errors, only your work not being saved :]


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  3. Gilgamesh!!! YAAAA

    Alright Richard Bello, from Bayville. This is what you do. The problem might lie in the fact that you’re running it as a LiveCD. You might want to try fixing this by creating a partition on your hard drive, possibly named Z:/ or whatever. Then, install the Ubuntu or Fedora distro onto the partition. It’s fairly simple to partition your hard drive, so long as you are an administrator.

    I am suggesting this because it may be that your BIOS has certain criteria that it may be using to block some parts of the Linux Kernel from accessing your processor or RAM completely.

    An internal hard drive (very cheap) is what I suggest.

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  4. its my understanding that hard shut down only is an issue on the HD if you are realy worried about it simply unplug the pwr to your HD and play away on the live cds
    but I realy dont think its an issue in the first place as it wont access the HD since it dont auto mount the HD on most distros in other words the platters on the HD shouldnt even be spinning. never the less welcome to linux I hope you find it enjoyable

    The Gangsta Hood. G-g-g-g G UNIT! 50 cent fo sho

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  5. There should be no problem with rebooting / shutting down a hung liveCD session. It shouldn’t be writing to the harddisk, so you shouldn’t have any corruption issues.

    It is hard to say why the machine is hanging. When my desktop with Ubuntu occasionally hangs there is an error message that I could use to trouble shoot.

    You would get better performance with the software installed, but I think it is good for you to continue to tinker with the liveCD, and eventually, if you decide to go that route, set up a dual-boot arrangement.

    Check for error messages on the shutdown to see if you can figure out why it is freezing. google + distro + error message should get you some answers.

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  6. Mister Awesome

    Just wondering, but how are you shutting down? Sometimes the ‘shut down’ button might not send the right command, try opening up a terminal and typing “sudo shutdown -h now” or “sudo poweroff” or “sudo halt”. Any one of those should shut down your computer all the way and power it off, if the problem lies there.

    Even if that doesn’t fix your problem, I’d just say go ahead and install it, I’ve never heard of anyone having that problem once Linux is actually installed, and even if it continues, it shouldn’t be hard at all to fix.

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