Linux (Ubuntu) question, dual booting?

Hello, I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu for a bit from the live cd and want to dual boot it with XP. If I use the guided option on the installer it says there’s not enough space for a partition or something. If I go into manual it says there’s 8MB free space and the rest (39999MB) is ‘unknown’. I know there is at least 25 GB free space on the hard drive. Any ideas for how to solve this? (Ubuntu version is Hardy Heron). Thanks

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  1. better to create ubuntu linux ext3 partition before proceeding with the installation using a partiotion magic or a similar partiotion software

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  2. The “guided option” is not the best choice. Ubuntu will see the “unknown” partition and do the rest automatically, if you choose the right option.

    To learn more, read the instructions on Ubuntu’s website to dual boot with XP.

    Also, here’s an XP / Ubuntu Linux 7 Dual-boot Video:

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  3. If you’re noobish like me I found it easier to have the process automated. Download the gparted live cd and shrink you’re Windows partitioned to the desired size (leave at least 7 gigs for Ubuntu). After this run the ubuntu installer under the “use largest amount of continuous free space option.” I’ve installed Ubuntu about five times and have always used this method. It’s simple! :-D btw gparted live cd is better than ubuntu’s editor so it should see the space and allow shrinkage.

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  4. i have both on my laptop
    win xp and ubutntu amd64
    you have to install xp first because if windows found a linux boot sector during install it will destroy it
    after that you can install ubuntu from the cd
    it’s default is to setup in the primary (at the free space on windows partition )
    you can change it but if you put it on the extend make sure it is at the last partition
    you will have to make two partitions from it one with ext2 or ex3 and the other is swap partition
    put in the ext2 (or ex3) in the other box then the type /
    the slash means it is the partition it will boot from
    the swap works like the virtual memory of the windows
    these steps are almost for all linux to setup
    and one more thing
    windows will not recognize the ext2 partition
    and linux will have an update for ntfs

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