Linux question on KDE vs Gnome?

Effectively i’m getting my new pc soon, (quad core yada yada yada) which is going to be running Vista 64 (which will be new for me)

I intend to use my old pc (AMD64 4000+ ) into a linux machine for use as a gaming server at lans, and as a workstation for coding etc.

I’ve decided after looking at numerous suggestoins from people i know, that i’m going with the openSUSE distro.

HOWEVER i want to get a feel for it before i install somewhat, so i wanted to try the live CD out on my laptop. Thanks to a virus i have, which has stoped me installing and un-installing anything on my windows platform i’m reformatting soon anyway, so i’ll be dual-booting linux and windows on the laptop.


I just wanted to ask for the live CD as a total windows person, should i download the KDE or Gnome version

On a similar note, does anyone know any useful software to download for the linux system. (compilers anti-virus / spy software, stuff like that)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. hi, google LINUX MINT,i am currently running the DARYNA version which is actually the gnome desktop in disguise,it is easy to use and based on the UBUNTU distribution,whether you use gnome or kde version is only a matter of taste,if you install this linux with windowa ( dual boot )then there are 7 steps involved, all easy except step 4, if you decide to dual boot contact me and i will walk you through step 4 —cheers–

    I used to own one.

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  2. ya its really personal choice. personally I hate gnome and really like kde. kde is a bit more flexible than gnome and gives you a few more options. some people prefer the simplicity of gnome.

    it doesnt matter anyway, with linux you can happily install both and just log in to either one to get a sense of which one you prefer.

    There is virtually no viruses or spyware for linux. There are a couple of antivirus packages available. have a look in YAST2 package manager to see whats available. you may need to add some repositories to it to locate them.

    For what its worth, I thought opensuse sucked arse. it didnt recognise my hardware as well as kubuntu (ubuntu with kde), and it had really slow boot times.

    anyway good luck w it.

    I used to own one.

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