Linux Live CD Needed?

Okay, I know pretty much nothing about linux, but for ventrilo and the open source control panel for ventrilo to work, I need linux. My probelm is I have an old laptop (BIOS date is 1999) that I’m going to run linux on and it only has 127 mb of ram. I need a Linux distribution that is i386 that I can run as a LiveCD to do this.

By the way, I tried Ubuntu and it won’t work on my old laptop (doesn’t meet 2000 bios cutoff) and SLAX doesn’t work either.

If I need to, I can wipe my hard drive of Windows XP Pro and put the linux os on there instead, but I need to know if its a good, reliable linux os that I can use with the internet before I loose everything.

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  1. from the amount of ram you have i would try DSL rather than a LiveCD, as a LiveCD loads onto the RAM, and you dont have much ram.
    DSL is only 50mb, you cna put it onto a Flash drive and run it off that.
    if you cant get a modern version to run, look foran older version, though be aware it may not support modern standards, especailly wiht browsning, and will proabbly not be very user friendly, its only recently that this came into play.

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  2. A good site with a list of small Linux distributions is,

    A popular small Linux distro as well as DSL(Damn Small Linux) is Puppy Linux at

    Hope you manage to find the right distro for your requirements.
    It’s amazing how many versions of Linux are out there, and people complain about the number of versions of Vista (Basic, Premium,Business & Ultimate) lol.

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