Linux live cd most like windows XP?

I’m going to slowly transition to Linux. To make this as comfortable as possible, I was wondering if anyone knows of a Linux Live CD, bootable from CD, that looks most like the Windows XP theme (preferably with the start button in the bottom left).

Thank you

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  1. gangsterkhurrum

    Hi, there is no start button in Linux but u r probably talking about the kde desktop as that has a windows type taskbar. You can try Kubuntu or PCLinuxOS 2007.
    If u want something that looks exactly like Windows Xp then why not get Linux Xp. Search for it on yahoo.
    Good Luck!

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  2. KellyJeanne

    Mandriva One spring 2007 is available for download and like the other person said use the KDE. its very windows like for looks but its still Linux.

    most live cd’s will run on boot but will no access the computer hard drives so be ready for that.

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