linux live cd help?

i have new laptop withvista premium, 1gb of ram, 160gb hdd, and dual core processor, i used all the linux live cd and they run fine but there is one linux distribution live cd that runs really slow period to the point where my mouse doesnt move and when it moves it moves for like 5 seconds to where i want and then it stops, idk why can somebody please explain to me why this is going on is it my virtual memory thats really low, because the live cd runs throught the ram heres more information

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  1. Most likely just to much information for the RAM you have. Upgrade the RAM for better performance would be my only suggestion or possibly the optical drive is hanging a little or the disc you created isn’t in the best of shape, maybe a scratch, dirty, or data did not write properly.
    I have not tried the LiveCD but was going to. One of those has to be the problem though.

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