Linux For a Compaq Presario 7476 (OLD)?

I’ve got this old Compaq Presario with: AMD K6 3D, 40 GB Hard Disk, 192 RAM (8 for video). I’ve been spending several hours today with a 7.04 xubuntu Live Cd without success. It couldn’t complete the installation after partitioning: it freeze. The cd runs very slow. I used it because my pc meets the requirements I found at the xubunto web site. My Pc is OK, I’m sure of that. PLEASE: Can anyone tell me what linux distribution can I use for this old pc? I need full internet access (web, mail, etc), word processor, spreadsheet and, if it’s possible, some media. Thank you very much
Ahh, the installation stops in 15%.
I didn’t mention the live CD loads desktop but not the tool bars.
Thank you for your answers guys. A few minutes ago, I found something (here at yahoo answers) about a bug in this xubuntu 7.0.4. I’m looking for the solution now. My installation stops in 15% : “Detecting file systems”. I’ll give xubuntu an opportunity before surrending. HEY LINUX MASTERS: What Can I do?
I’ve been searching. I’ll test the Alternate CD for xubuntu. But I want to try with Small Damn linux, Puppy linux too.
In the past I did’nt like linux but now I’m Interested (I used Unix in a Sun Sparc Station several years ago). Linux people want a Linux World, but all the “easy” guides tha I’ve found about Linux installations… AREN’T FOR HUMANS. That’s a cruel BARRIER. And all that acronyms and modism tech language. When my grandmother cans understand a linux guide, Linux will be ready for dominate the world. Think about it guys.

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