Linux Fedora, what’s the difference between these 2 downloads?

on the site, there’s an

x86 9 64 option (DVD) .iso

and a

KDE x86 Live CD option.

Is the DVD just more complete while the CD requires further downloads upon installation? Is the CD a light version?


Thanks in advance for clearing this up.

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  1. Pawan Bhurtel

    DVD contains full packages
    X86 or i386 is for intel based hardware
    64 is for 64 bit PC

    KDE Live CD x86 is for Booting your PC directly into a DESKTOP with KDE desktop environment

    It is just a live CD with minimal Packages, use this CD for troubleshooting

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  2. x86 64 is the 64 bit DVD (large) ISO to burn to a DVD. It contains all the packages on the DVD, so you can install without being on the net.

    KDE x86 Live is 32 bit version of the Live CD. You burn to a cd, boot to it, then you can play around or install the whole OS by using the “install” link on the KDE desktop. This pulls from servers, so you need a fast net connection. It’s not for “troubleshooting”…it’s for checking out / minimal use and a gateway to installing the whole OS via the Internet.

    You do realize the first option is 64 bit, right? It won’t work unless you have a 64 bit processor, so if you want the whole DVD, make sure you select 32 bit or 64, depending on your processor(s).

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